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Antique Clock Restoration and Preservation

Restoration is to return a piece to its former state. A beautiful period-correct period restoration can vary from a basic amount of work, to a full-blown restoration where every piece of the clock will be worked on.


Before deciding on what needs to be worked on, we assess the following areas of the clock

Clock Case

We perform all kinds of restoration work on cases. This can include wood, metal, or whatever the clock case is made out of. All clock cases will go through a thorough examination before any restoration work is to be done.

Clock Movement

Clock movement gears can wear out. They can get dirt and dust, or oil and grease drying out. An unserviced machine can easily go out of beat. It isn't uncommon to deal with previous bad repairs, so we make a thorough examination before any work is to be done.

Clock Dial

Clock dials can make or break the look of a clock. We make sure that we pay very careful attention to the end result of the full restoration. Although we can restore a clock face by painting or touching up, we prefer to do all that we can to preserve the original dial. 

Clock Hands

Clock hands can easily get damaged over time. We clean, restore, or replace all kinds of clock hands. If necessary, we can also custom-make some clock hands to match the original design.

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